Electronic Devices as Evidence

Your Electronic Devices May Be Used as Evidence For years now, judges have been considering evidence gathered from social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and even dating sites like Tin…

Can I Get Attorney’s Fees in my New Hampshire Lawsuit?

Often people who bring a lawsuit are hoping to not only be successful but also to recoup some of the costs they have incurred in hiring an attorney to bring suit. There is often the feeling that if…
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Safely Having Fun in New Hampshire

Safely Having Fun New Hampshire
New Hampshire is a great place to have some outdoor fun.  Depending on the season, you may enjoy hiking, boating, snowmobiling, or perhaps cross-country skiing.  The Thanksgiving storm was an early…

Piercing the Corporate Veil for Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom
Many people have heard about the Supreme Court case known as the Hobby Lobby Case.  Essentially, it allows a corporation to deny certain health care benefits that other companies are federally requ…

When Is It OK to Stop Someone From Working?

Non-Compete Agreements
Non-compete agreements are a hot topic.  Non-compete agreements or provisions seek to prevent an employee from competing with a former employer.  Employers consider them necessary to protect the ti…

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook

posting on facebook
People are often warned that what you post on the internet may stay on the internet long after you remove it. Once you allow access in to information, it has been distributed and even if you later …

New Trust Court for Probate Division

Starting in January of 2014, the New Hampshire Circuit Court instituted a trust docket in the Probate Division.  The trust docket allows the court system to recognize complicated trust cases where …

Time for Change: 2014 NH Law Changes

It is 2014 and that means that new laws take effect in New Hampshire.  One change is that the speed limit on Interstate 93 has now increased from 65 mph to 70 mph starting between exits 17 and 18 t…

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

New Year's Resolutions
As we enter the New Year, the tradition is to make resolutions.  Many of us will try to eat better, exercise more, and try to do all the things we have put off for too long.  Many of us will fail a…

Why Hire an Attorney?

In the last year, 61% of new claims filed in the courts in New Hampshire were filed by “pro se” or self represented parties. So why hire an attorney? The most obvious reason is that attorneys know …


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Potential Problems After Auto Accident

Auto accidents happen everyday, and there are so many factors that can cause a collision to occur. All the parties involved in the crash have a responsibility to call the police, tend to those wit...

What Is My Tree Worth? Calculating Damages For Timber Trespass In New Hampshire

If your neighbor or their tree service cut down trees on your property, you are likely entitled to damages. Furthermore, if the trees were cut down accidentally (usually because of miscommunic...

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