House Judiciary Committee voted 17-0 today to ITL (vote inexpedient to legislate) HB 1655

Attorney Robin Partello, Secretary of the Nashua Bar Association, reports that the House Judiciary Committee voted 17-0 today to ITL (vote inexpedient to legislate) HB 1655. As you know, this House Bill sought to move the Superior Court from Nashua to Manchester.  With the defeat of this Bill, Nashua will retain its Superior Court.

The Nashua Bar Association expresses its thanks to Kent Barker, Tim Bush, Scott Flegal, Terry Gormley, David Gottesman, Tim Kerrigan, Robert Shepard, and Jack White for their commitment and efforts, along with greater Nashua business and political leaders, in defeating this short-sighted legislation.

The Nashua Bar is grateful for the support of Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, who took a leadership role in this effort, to Chris Williams, President of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce who brought the support of the Chamber to Concord, David Heath, CPA, who as chair of the Chamber Advocacy Committee, explained how financially unsound this idea was, to Michael Buckley, of MT’s Local, Tony Adams of Cooking Matters, and John Koutsos of Alec’s Shoes, who came to Concord to tell their side of the story.  Thanks to Patti LaFrance from the County Attorney’s office, Dennis Hogan for his support, and to Kristi Palestino, Executive Director of the Granite State Child Advocacy Centers who explained how bad this would be for families in our area of the County.

The Bar is also proud of the way our local Representatives handled this issue.  Kudos go to Peter Silva, David Campbell, Barry Palmer, Donald McClaren, Lisa Scontsas, all of Nashua,  and Chairman Bob Rowe, of Amherst, all of whom were extremely effective advocates.  Senator Jim Luther from Hollis, Senator Gary Lambert, of Nashua, and Senator Sharon Carson from Hudson, either spoke or provided support to this effort at the Statehouse.  Without the unbending support that these people all provided, this success never would have happened.  We hope that the full House will approve the Committee Report to kill HB1655, but that will not occur until at least next week.

Author:  Michael J. Fontaine, Esq.