Spring is in the Air…..

It’s that time of year when the days get longer and the weather warmer.  We all think about spring cleaning and begin making our to-do lists.  We thought this would be the perfect time to remind you about some of the things a small business owner should put on their list along with checking the fire detectors, alarm systems, and fire extinguishers.

Annual Business Reports: They are due April 1st and can now be filed on line.  Please be sure to confirm that the information for your business is correct and that if any changes need to be made you do so using the correct forms.  You can find the information by visiting the State of New Hampshire website: www.sos.nh.gov/corporate .  You will need your business ID to login.

Corporate TaxesHave you filed your corporate and payroll tax returns or paid your corporate estimated taxes?  Check with your CPA to make sure your return has been filed or that you have filed for an extension of time to file the return.  There are many important tax deadlines. The IRS provides a calendar of important tax dates for small businesses to help you stay current with your business’ tax responsibilities. Visit www.IRS.gov  for more information and to obtain the calendar http://www.tax.gov/calendar/.

Insurance PoliciesIs your renewal coming up soon? Are there any changes that your insurance carrier needs to be aware of?  Did you make major purchases of equipment or acquire a new building?  You may have changed locations, expanded, downsized, or changed employees.   Make sure that you have adequate coverage for the current state of your business.

LeasesIs your building or equipment leases expiring soon?  Knowing when these leases expire gives you the opportunity to renegotiate the terms.  Do your homework prior to the expiration date to receive the most for your hard earned dollar.

Business PostingsMake sure all posters are current and in a place where all employees have access.  The Department of Labor  provides information about Federal DOL poster requirements for small businesses. OSHA also provides a free on-site consultation for small businesses. Take advantage of these free resources to make sure your business is up to date with employment and safety in the workplace postings.

Employee Evaluations:  Most employees look forward to this.  Written evaluations are important and meaningful.  It is a time to communicate with your employees face to face and reward them for good performance or discuss areas of improvement.  Either way, it is important to let employees know that you are listening and that you care.

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