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Rory Bonasoro
Very helpful in representing me in defending my divorce final orders and parenting plan in Appeals. Gave me great recommendations to ensure that I would win and only did the necessary work to keep costs affordable. Saved me thousands of dollars and helped me win.
Matthew Rasetta
I want an attorney with a backbone that will aggressively fight for me while still maintaining a level of integrity and goodness! I also what that “needle in a haystack” to be fairly prices. Jack is that UNICORN!
Dmitry Marchenko
Amazing results in a somewhat difficult situation. Attorney Israel Piedra and Paralegal Christine Knutsen communicated above and beyond my expectations, explained the process and masterfully guided us through. People joke about law and dentistry, well, this experience was super pleasant. Highly impressed!
I worked with Attorney White after a roofer installed a completely defective roof at my house. He was professional and very pleasant to work with. Most importantly, he knew the law and the litigation process very well. I can't recommend this firm enough.
Cam Q
Isreal was a pleasure to work with, he did everything he could to get a positive outcome for my case, and succeeded. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch firm!
Jose Valdez
If I can leave 100 stars I would. Let me just say today I became a client. But these lawyers made me feel like a client since my first phone call. Thank you Sylvia, Israel, and the the hole law firm team including the front desk. I’ve been feeling so down since since I received a disgusting result. I called this law firm and thy answered my calls and followed up with everything thy said thy will. My god I feel alive again and I feel like they’re actually lawyers who really care about peoples feelings and situations. THANK YOU MUCH FOR BEING THE BEST LAW FIRM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE PERIOD
Michaela Milne
Attorney Piedra was an excellent asset when it came to my infant son’s burn injury he sustained while in the care of his daycare center. He was very clear and precise when explaining the process of taking legal action and what we should expect along the way and what his expectations were. His paralegal Christine always responded promptly and was ready to answer any questions that I had. I would absolutely recommend working with this firm especially Israel Piedra based off my personal experience.
Laurie Galbo
If you ever find yourself in need of legal assistance in the greater Nashua area, I strongly recommend you call Welts, White and Fontaine. I was recently represented by Jack White with the assistance of Christine Knutsen, and I am very happy with the outcome of this situation. They each took the time to answer my questions as they came up, contacted me with updates and helped me reach well thought out decisions along the road to end my case. My biggest hope is you don't need legal services as I did, but should you, call Welts, White and Fontaine
Brian McCarthy
I was referred to Michael Fontaine for my divorce. Michael Fontaine and Sylvie Michaud-Nelson and their entire team are truly amazing and professional in every single way. They worked an extremely hard case of mine in such a professional manner. They handled me as their client with such amazing care and professionalism. I can not thank them enough. They made a difficult impossible situation seem positive in so many ways. They handled my emotions and concerns right away. This entire Ferm is top shelf and works so extremely hard to make sure you’re their 1st priority. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. So grateful to have had the number 1 team through my most difficult time.
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Whether you were the personal injury victim of a car accident or were hurt at work, own a business and need assistance with a contract or lawsuit, are going through a divorce or custody battle, would like to prepare a will or other estate planning documents, or have any other legal matter you need assistance with, Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. attorneys have decades of experience serving clients in the Nashua, New Hampshire area. We are Nashua’s largest law firm and are at your service.

Whether you were the personal injury victim of a car accident or were hurt at work, own a business and need assistance with a contract or lawsuit, are going through a divorce or custody battle, would like to prepare a will or other estate planning documents, or have any other legal matter you need assistance with, Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. attorneys have decades of experience serving clients in the Nashua, New Hampshire area. We are Nashua’s largest law firm and are at your service.

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Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, any time, and in almost any location. When they do occur, it’s not uncommon for people to sustain serious injury that requires a visit to the emergency room. The injury that results from a slip and fall is no laughing matter, regardless of how it is depicted in shows and movies. Injuries can include broken bones, head trauma, bruises and lacerations, spinal cord damage, fractured knee caps, and more. Some slip and falls may be due to our own clumsiness, but negligence on behalf of a property owner could be the actual culprit. In situations like these, everyday people become victims when the party responsible for maintaining safety on a property fails to do so.

Slip And Fall Lawyer

Bicyclists must share the road with car drivers, whether that be in the same lane or within their own designated bike lane. Either way, bicyclists are vulnerable to sustaining serious injury in the event that a car driver hits them. Even the most safe and cautious rider may find themselves injured because a driver was being reckless on the road or wasn’t paying attention to their presence. No one deserves to have their life and health changed for the worse because a driver was being thoughtless. Whatever the reason may be, usually it is the car driver who is at fault. And when they are responsible for the accident that ensued, they could be liable for how the bicyclist had suffered.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are those who get where they need to be without using a vehicle. A pedestrian could be someone walking on two feet, traveling by skateboard or scooter, or some other way. Getting around by car is not the only method of transportation available. But tragically, when someone is hit by a car driver as a pedestrian, they can suffer greatly. Most pedestrians aren’t geared up for potential impact, and often don’t have more than maybe a helmet or other light gear on their bodies. So when they get hit by a car, they can sustain injuries that are severe and potentially fatal. A driver who is responsible for the incident may then be liable for the injuries they caused.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can occur for various reasons. Perhaps the trucker was tired from driving too many hours in one sitting, intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, or they made a maneuver on the roadway that was reckless. Commercial trucking is a core part of our commerce, however, due to their size and weight they can cause devastation in the event of a collision. Those who were injured in the other vehicle may sue the trucker or trucking company for property damage, personal injury, and other loss. If you consider the fact that many commercial trucks weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, then it’s no wonder that the other vehicle and its passenger are likely to sustain the most injury and vehicle damage.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Premises liability holds property owners responsible for failing to provide a safe area for visitors and guests. Whether that be a private homeowner or commercial business, a property owner has a duty of care to the public to keep the property reasonably free of hazards. Examples of premises liability incidents could involve slip and falls, insufficient lighting, inadequate security, leaks, uneven surfaces, unsafe stairs, lack of handrails, and more. If a property owner fails to uphold this duty, they could be liable for those who get injured because of it. The person injured must show that the property owner failed to address a risk or hazard which ultimately led to their injury to receive compensation. Negligence is often a factor in premises liability accidents.

Premises Liability Lawyer

Our loved ones have an indispensable role in our family, and irreplaceable in how they provide us love, guidance, and support during the hardest times. So to learn that their life was taken because of someone else’s carelessness can be too much to bear. There is legal recourse for families who have been devastated by a wrongful death that hit home. Wrongful death incidents can include car accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, semi truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Typically, children, a domestic partner or surviving spouse, legal guardians or parents, or grandchildren of deceased children are eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Money cannot bring a life back, but the family can get the financial support they need as they grieve.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

When animals bite or attack, it can be a scary and painful experience. Many of us enjoy the company of canine companions, and even view them as our best friends and family members. But each dog owner has a duty to the public to prevent dog bite incidents from happening. It is estimated that around five million people get bitten by dogs every year. Due to the nature of dog bites, there is a risk of infection as well, which can add even more harm to the victim’s health. A dog owner that failed to prevent a bite, which led to serious injury of another, could be liable for medical bills and other ways that person had suffered damage or loss.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

The biggest risk to motorcyclists on the roadway are car drivers, who frequently operate their vehicle in a reckless way. Motorcyclists are prone to severe injury because they lack the same protective shield that car drivers have. When an accident happens, motorcyclists may take legal action against the driver for how they have suffered. Damages that a rider may be entitled to receive include medical bills, property repairs, loss of earnings, and more. The only protection a rider has is the gear they wear on their body to deflect the force of impact. But it may not be enough to prevent serious injury or fatality. Motorcyclists may struggle with physical injury and mental anguish that has lasting impacts to their health and wellbeing.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and fatality across the nation. When people get hurt in collisions, they may be motivated to seek compensation for their injuries and property damage. Unfortunately, many car accident victims find that insurance companies are not on their side and may try to force them to accept a settlement offer that barely covers their expenses. By getting help from a lawyer, you have someone who understands the law and can come to your aid immediately. When a serious incident is not your fault and you have sustained injury because of it, it’s no wonder you would be motivated to seek financial recourse for what you have been through.

Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?
When someone is at-fault for injuring another person, is there legal recourse available? The answer is yes. Some examples of personal injury accidents include medical malpractice, car accidents, slip and falls, workplace accidents, wrongful death, skiing accidents, pedestrian and bike accidents, birth injuries, rideshare collisions, dangerous premises, aircraft accidents, and motorcycle accidents. In the aftermath of such incidents, victims may need compensation to pay for their medical bills, property damages, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. Within a split second someone’s life and health could change, and when someone is responsible for that, they should be held accountable. If this is what you or your loved one is going through, we are ready to take your call. To begin, we will do a consultation and review the situation, and then inform you of what your choices are moving forward. Instead of trying to find the answers to your questions online, let us address them for you.
What Does Family Law Include?
If you were to ask us what some of the most emotionally-charged legal cases tend to be, we would answer divorce and family law. Anyone who has divorced can probably agree to the fact that it’s one of the most difficult periods anyone can endure, even if it was the right choice. Other aspects of family law include guardianship, child custody, alimony, marriage dissolution, protection orders from domestic violence, and more. So whether you are dealing with a separation, paternity issue, or child support dispute, our team can assist you. When marriage does not last as long as we expect, we may understandably be distraught. We may not have enough energy to deal with a legal issue on our own, which is why recruiting a lawyer can be beneficial. Rarely does anyone plan to divorce their spouse or need help with a child custody battle, but with a legal team on your side to guide you and protect you, their presence can only yield better results.
What Can Estate Planning Do For My Family?
What happens to your belongings, property, and finances after you die? Without an estate plan, you could risk the court handling the distribution of your assets for you. Most people do not want that to happen, especially considering that probate court is public knowledge, so they devise a legally-binding estate plan instead. If you are concerned about the future of your legacy and family, then writing an estate plan can be the tool that you need. Within an estate plan, you can create documents that describe what your wishes are for transferring assets to beneficiaries, among other preferences. Examples of documentation that may comprise your estate plan include durable power of attorney, living will, living trust, medical or healthcare power of attorney, beneficiary designations, advance directives, and more. Your beneficiary designations are the people closest to you in your life that you want to have a portion of your assets after passing away. After establishing your estate plan, you will likely have relief knowing your future is secure.
Why Should I Hire an Appellate Lawyer?

An appellate lawyer is an attorney who handles appeals to the New Hampshire Supreme Court or First Circuit Court of Appeals. Appeals typically have two parties: the Appellant, who is the person who lost in the trial court and is appealing, and the Appellee, who won in the trial court and is now defending the appeal. 

Whether you won or lost at the court below, having an experienced appellate lawyer for your appeal is important. At Welts, White & Fontaine, PC, our attorneys have decades of experience handling complex appeals in the areas of family law, divorce, termination of parental rights, personal injury, business, real estate and zoning, and many other areas. We also pride ourselves on being more affordable than many other appellate attorneys. 

What Does A Timber Trespass lawyer do?

Timber trespass is the wrongful cutting of someone else’s trees. When someone else, like a neighbor, cuts down your trees, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced timber trespass lawyer can help you get compensation for your felled trees by assembling evidence, helping you hire an arborist if necessary, and presenting a settlement demand to an insurance company or defendant. Welts, White & Fontaine, PC, are experienced timber trespass lawyers who have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for property owners who have had their trees cut down. You may even be able to proceed on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay a fee unless you win a recovery.

What Is Civil Litigation?
What is civil litigation? And what do attorneys in this area of law offer clients? Civil litigation lawyers help people involved in non-criminal cases and their purpose is to protect their client’s best interests. Examples of civil litigation are cases like probate and estate matters, personal injury, employee discrimination claims, wrongful death, business disputes, product liability, and more. For instance, a person may file a civil case against someone else for being at-fault after a car accident, so that they get fair compensation for damages such as wage loss, medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and impairment or disability, among others. Typically, with civil litigation, one party (plaintiff) seeks remedy or restitution from another party (defendant). This dispute may be resolved through negotiations or by going to court. Civil cases can be between two individuals, two businesses, an individual against a business, or an individual against a government entity. The role of a lawyer in this area of law is often broad and diverse. So if you need help with a civil litigation case, now is the time to get assistance from a reputable legal team.

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