Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate


Probate Issues & Proceedings

Estate or Probate Administration is typically necessary to make certain that the terms of your Will and Estate Planning documents are followed and given legal force and effect. Our experienced Probate attorneys can assist your Executor or other personal representative in understanding Probate Court procedures and to help them to distribute the assets of your estate according the then current New Hampshire law in a cost effective manner.

Attorneys at Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. can assist your personal representative in implementing your estate plan in the following ways:

  • The appointment of an Executor or personal representative
  • The preparation of all documents to be filed with the Probate Court
  • The collection, inventorying, and safeguarding of your assets
  • The valuation and appraisal of your property
  • The payment of debts of the Estate, including the sale of property, if necessary
  • The appointment of Guardians for Minors or Incompetent individuals
  • The distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries