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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Nashua, NH - Bike lane sign on asphaltWhen you have been in a bicycle accident, it could be a good idea to contact a Nashua, NH bicycle accident lawyer for legal assistance. Having a lawyer to aggressively defend you and pursue the person responsible for causing the accident can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. You will not have to be left alone figuring out what to do in order to file a claim. Bicycle accidents can result in major injuries and financial losses, so having a lawyer at your side to work on all of the complex legal tasks can improve your odds of getting a suitable outcome. Contact Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. to learn more about affordable legal services in your area.

A Qualified Legal Team You Can Trust

The legal team at Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. have years of litigation experience assisting personal injury victims. For many years, our experienced and dedicated legal team has represented clients for a diverse range of cases. We believe that every client deserves to have the highest quality legal representation, and we will work hard to make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation that you deserve. If you have any questions about your case, contact us and set up an appointment. 

Places Where Bicycle Accidents Can Occur

Bicycle accidents can happen just about anywhere. From commercial plazas to neighborhoods to parking lots, a sudden accident can happen wherever there is a lot of traffic. The reality is that cyclists are more at risk and prone to suffering injuries while on the road. While both drivers and cyclists must yield and are responsible for following the law, many drivers are impatient whenever they must drive around cyclists because cyclists are much slower. There are drivers who attempt to pass by cyclists in a reckless way, putting them at risk. Common areas where bicycle accidents tend to happen include: 

  • Residential areas,
  • Parking lots and parking garages
  • Intersections
  • Roads with no bicycle lane
  • Commercial areas 

You can rely on a Nashua bicycle accident lawyer to help you recover damages if you have been in a bicycle accident. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer immediately so that you can get started on your claim. 

Why It’s Worth Hiring a Lawyer 

It is worth hiring a skilled lawyer because they understand the legal strategies that will enable you to achieve the best possible case outcome. If you do not hire a lawyer, you risk getting a much lower settlement and experiencing a number of issues while you prepare your case. A lawyer who has litigation experience will be able to negotiate with the insurance company for you and secure you a fair settlement. 

Explore Your Legal Options

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, there are affordable legal services available. You can count on a trusted lawyer to advocate for you and defend your legal rights. Discover the legal options that you may have by consulting a Nashua bicycle accident lawyer like one at Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. right away if you have been in a bicycle accident. 

How to Stay Safe on the Road

A Nashua, NH bicycle accident lawyer knows that bicycling has gained in popularity over the past few years, for recreation, exercise, and transportation. As healthy as cycling is, it also poses dangerous risks of catastrophic injuries because the cyclist has no protection from the impact of the vehicle hitting the bike. According to national statistics, more than 800 people are killed each year in bike accidents involving vehicles. Thousands more suffer serious injuries that often leave them with permanent disabilities, changing their lives forever. Tragically, these numbers continue to increase each year.

Cyclists who live in urban areas are at significant risk of being involved in a crash because of the high number of vehicles and traffic on the roads. In fact, more than 70 percent of all bike accident deaths happen in urban areas. People who ride their bikes on city streets need to take extra precautions to stay safe while riding. The following safety tips are recommended by safety advocates. If you are a cyclist, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk of injury. If you are injured in a bike accident, call Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. to meet with a lawyer and find out what damages you may be entitled to.

Always Wear Your Helmet

Research shows that a bicyclist who wears a helmet substantially reduces their risk of a brain injury. More than 70 percent of all fatal bike accident victims suffer a traumatic brain injury, while more than half of those victims were not wearing helmets. No matter how short your trip may be, wear your helmet whenever you ride.

Make Sure You Can Be Seen

A Nashua bicycle accident lawyer knows that approximately 20 percent of all fatal bike accidents occur in the evening, between the hours of 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Riders should do all they can to avoid riding at night, however, if you do need to venture out, make sure you are wearing bright-colored clothing. You should also make sure your bike is equipped with a headlight in the front, a blinking light in the back, and reflectors so vehicle drivers can see you.

Never Drink and Drive

Bike riders are required by law to follow the same traffic laws as vehicle drivers. This includes drinking. It is against the law for a cyclist to drink and then drive their bike. It is also extremely dangerous. Approximately one in five cyclists who are killed in bike accidents have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher, over the legal limit. If you are going to drink, keep your bike at home and take a ridesharing service, taxi, or have a friend who is a designated driver.

Let Our Firm Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, you are likely facing a long recovery, high medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. All of these losses can be recovered in a personal injury claim. Call Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. to meet with a dedicated Nashua, bicycle accident lawyer, and find out what legal recourse you may have.

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