A Sinkhole of a Different Kind

With all the discussion of sinkholes in the news, I started thinking about a different kind of sinkhole: the financial sinkhole.  Perhaps you own a small company and have problems collecti…

Important Changes to the NH Child Support Guideline

Changes to the New Hampshire child support guidelines that take effect on July 1, 2013 will allow higher wage earners to pay less child support than under current guidelines.  Under the current gui…

What Are The Rights Of A “Common Law Spouse” Under NH Trusts and Estates Law?

Recently, a 78 year old client who had been living with his 74 year old girlfriend for several years posed a similar question:  Does my live-in girlfriend “have rights” to a claim against my estate…

Contempt of Court in a Divorce Case

Following a divorce, many people find themselves in a position of hopelessness when their former spouse refuses to comply with a clear court order. However, New Hampshire law provides that a judge …

What is a Revocable Trust and How Does this Estate Planning Instrument Work?

A revocable trust is one type of trust. Trusts present many estate planning opportunities. The key feature of a revocable trust is that it may be revoked or amended at any time. Other trusts cannot…

Does Medicare Pay for Long Term Care?

Closeup of Medicare enrollment form and pen
One of the more common questions we are asked by our estate planning clients (usually on behalf of an aging parent or loved one) involves long term care expenses and to what degree they are paid fo…

Should Your Executor Have Control of Your Social Media Accounts?

Digital assets are a relatively new area to consider when determining how to distribute your assets after death. Social media accounts are considered a digital asset, even though often the content …

Applying for Guardianship or Conservatorship

5-6 years old boy with his parents isolated on white
“I need information about the process to apply for a Guardianship or a Conservatorship. Can you please provide this information?” Answer: To initiate a guardianship or conservatorship, an intereste…

Power of Attorney

“My unmarried brother’s mental state is declining.  Does he need a Power of Attorney since everything is currently in his name?” Answer:  Having a Power of Attorney is essential for protecting your…

Annie Get Your Guntrust

Knowledgeable New Hampshire estate planning attorneys have recently been counseling the owners of NFA (National Firearms Act) weapons to create separate “NFA” or “Gun” trusts for their Title II NFA…


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Potential Problems After Auto Accident

Auto accidents happen everyday, and there are so many factors that can cause a collision to occur. All the parties involved in the crash have a responsibility to call the police, tend to those wit...

What Is My Tree Worth? Calculating Damages For Timber Trespass In New Hampshire

If your neighbor or their tree service cut down trees on your property, you are likely entitled to damages. Furthermore, if the trees were cut down accidentally (usually because of miscommunic...

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