Attorney Jack White Speaks at Personal Injury Seminar

Attorney Jack White recently presented at a New Hampshire Association of Justice seminar entitled “Mediation: Winning Without Trying.”

ack White at NHAJ eventThe presentation was part of NHAJ’s annual personal injury fall forum. Attorney White’s remarks focused on the use of a live witness as a strategic tool in personal injury mediations.

The New Hampshire Association of Justice, formerly known as the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association, is a “statewide professional association of trial attorneys” working to “make sure people have a fair chance to receive justice through the legal system when they have been harmed by the acts of others.”

Attorney Jack White, the firm’s managing partner, is a noted litigator with decades of experience in personal injury law and other civil litigation matters.

To speak with Attorney White or another one of our experienced injury attorneys, please call us today at (603) 883-0797, or contact us here. Welts, White & Fontaine is Nashua’s largest law firm and serves the legal needs of both individuals and businesses in towns such as Amherst, Hudson, Milford, Brookline, Windham, Hollis, Merrimack, Litchfield, Bedford, Derry, Londonderry, Pelham, and of course Nashua.

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