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Whoever you choose as your partner is the biggest decision in your life as a Family Lawyer from our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can tell you. This person is who you will share the majority of your meals and holidays with. This person is the one who will support you emotionally and financially for the next few decades of your life. Most importantly, this person will help you raise your children. When you pick your partner, you are also picking their parent.

This thought does not occur to people until discord comes up and they do not see their partner in the same light that they originally did. In this situation it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a custody battle that affects not only you and your former partner, but also your child/children. They say that perception is reality and once you take someone off the pedestal that you placed them on it is nearly impossible to see them the same way ever again.

Therefore, when choosing your partner, it’s better to have values and goals in common than hobbies and mutual attraction. Values and goals multiply, hobbies and mutual attraction change frequently. One thing that can’t be changed is a child’s parentage.

You do not want to be in a toxic co-parenting relationship where you have to bicker back and forth with the other parent. If they stop paying child support, you will be forced to hire an attorney who can file a violation of the child support order with the judge. The purpose of filing a violation of the child custody order rather than an enforcement of the order is that if you can prove to the judge that there has been a willful violation of the order, that then entitles you to attorney’s fee and statutory interest. Many times, a talented attorney can negotiate those out to maximize the child support that you are due. It would all be such an unnecessary ordeal, and that is only one-way things could potentially play out. So be very intentional about who you decide to have children with.

Let us imagine it from the child’s perspective for a moment. Their parents, who are the pillars that hold up their whole world, are not of one mind and accord and cannot co-parent respectfully. They often get exposure to conflict and aggression where there should have been love and support. While eventually you will be able to recover from the financial cost of a contested custody battle, there is nothing that can replace your relationship with your child. The average custody case costs anywhere from under $10,000 to close to $40,000.

The factors that determine the cost of a child custody battle include the number of court appearances, the costs of discovery, investigators, process serves and witness, and the length of time it takes to conclude the case. The average child custody battle takes about eight months to over a year. It is entirely your prerogative whether you would

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