Changes in New Hampshire Law for 2019

left lane highway travelHappy New Year! Many new laws go into effect every year on January 1. This year is no exception and there are a few new developments that are worth highlighting.

The new law gaining the most publicity in New Hampshire prohibits drivers from left lane highway travel where traffic is impeded. New Hampshire is joining other states in the so-called “stay-right” law and fines for violations start at $50. Familiarity with this law is a good way to avoid fines and prevent accidents.

Whether you reside in Salem, Nashua or any other of the New Hampshire towns, there are some other new laws that may affect you as well. Several new laws regarding family law went into effect. A new alimony law is sure to have a substantial impact as it changes the formula to determine how much alimony must be paid. Additionally, the minimum age to get married has been increased to 16. Another marriage law that went into effect provides that judges must rely on clear and convincing evidence to approve any marriage under the age of consent that is in the child’s best interest.

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Author: Davi Peters

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