Electronic Devices as Evidence

Electronic devices

Your Electronic Devices May Be Used as Evidence

For years now, judges have been considering evidence gathered from social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and even dating sites like Tinder. We have also all heard about the requests for information from phones or Apple’s battle regarding the release of information from the iPhone to the FBI. The technology that we all love can be used for more than its intended purpose.

The latest source of information being used as evidence in court is the Fitbit. Likely, you are using it as a fitness tracker, but have you thought about all the information it actually gathers? It tracks various data, such as if you are taking a walk in Hollis or running on a trail in Nashua, the times of day you are active or sedentary, and even your sleeping habits. If you are involved in litigation, a fitness tracker can provide an incredible amount of information.

There are many possibilities for such information if it is allowed to be used as evidence. For example, a fitness tracker could be used to show that a person has insomnia resulting from the trauma of a personal injury or to show the location of an individual on the GPS tracker in a divorce proceeding. Recently, a fitness tracker was used as evidence in a personal injury suit in Canada to show that the woman injured in the accident was not able to be as physically active as prior to the accident.

Our love for technology means that we have to be willing to give up some of our privacy, but it also means that we may be able to use that technology to our advantage.

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Author: Davi M. Peters

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