When To Consider Prenuptial Agreements

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A prenuptial agreement is an optional legal document that many couples getting married choose to sign. It allows couples to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. It can be a difficult and sensitive discussion to have, as some couples do not wish to include this agreement. However, if you would like to learn more about the impact of having one prior to your marriage, you can discuss it with a qualified lawyer. Together you can go over situations where it may be beneficial and if it is suitable for you, this may even help avoid issues of personal injury in the future.  

You have been previously married

Individuals who have been in a previous marriage may want to consider a prenuptial agreement. It can be sensible to have one because it allows you to save your remaining assets, as a prenuptial agreement lawyer like one from Carpenter & Lewis PLLC can explain to you. This also may be worth considering if you are elderly or retired. The agreement can allow you to stay financially stable regardless of what happens after your divorce. 

Protect your heirs’ finances 

Signing a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial if you have any children with an ex-spouse or beneficiaries. The agreement can make sure that they will still be able to keep all of the assets that you want to set aside for them. Those assets will not be distributed to your ex if you ever get divorced. This is important to consider because the prenuptial agreement helps to make sure that your loved ones will be financially secure.  

Preserve your business

If you are a business owner, a prenuptial agreement offers several advantages and protections. For example, if you have established a business yourself, a prenuptial agreement prevents your business from becoming partially controlled by your ex. In the case of a divorce, it can prevent your assets from transferring to your ex-spouses. If you want to preserve your business assets, then signing a prenuptial agreement allows you to keep your company’s assets from being distributed to your ex. 

Avoid financial troubles

Prenuptial agreements can be advantageous for you if your spouse’s income or financial situation is unstable. If they have large student loans, credit card debt, or mortgage payments, the agreement can protect you so that you will not have to pay towards those debts if you become divorced in the future. You will not have to be financially responsible for helping to pay off your ex’s debts, and it allows you to save more of your wealth. 

Discover your legal options now

There are many things that a lawyer can do for you. If you are interested in finding out more about the many types of legal services available, do not wait to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. While it is important to weigh your options, it is advised that you speak with a lawyer about your case and rights. They will know what steps to take and how to quickly get started. For more information about how a highly skilled and experienced lawyer can help you with your case, give our firm a call and set up an appointment. 

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