Why Hire an Attorney?

attorney-general-photo_istock-purchasedIn the last year, 61% of new claims filed in the courts in New Hampshire were filed by “pro se” or self represented parties. So why hire an attorney? The most obvious reason is that attorneys know the law. That may sound cliché but often cases are won or lost based on the technicalities of the law. The law may not meet your expectation of fair, but having someone to navigate you through the rules of the court and/or the laws of the state gives you an advantage to trying to go it alone.

Further, a lawyer is your advocate. Your lawyer is going to make sure your voice is heard whether it is through negotiation, mediation, pleadings, or in court. There is a benefit to knowing that someone is on your side and will stand up for you.

There is also comfort in knowing things are being done right. Sure, you can go on the internet and find a will form, but can you be sure it is going to hold up in the years to come? Or what about all those business dealings that you have never bothered to reduce to writing? Nothing ever goes wrong…until it does. You have decide if that is a risk you are willing to take.

Author: Davi M. Peters, Esq.

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