Seeking Property Tax Abatements in New Hampshire

property-tax-abatement-lawyer-nh- calculator accounting docs and pen on desk
The deadline for filing property tax abatements in New Hampshire is typically March 1 for the previous year’s tax bill. In summary, the property owner (taxpayer) needs to prove the property’s tax a…

Implied Warranty of Workmanlike Quality in Construction

implied-warranty-construction - construction site scaffolding house
If you are hiring a contractor to build a house for you or hiring a contractor to perform repairs or construct an addition to your existing house, you should insist on a written warranty from the c…

Adverse Possession of Property under New Hampshire Law

The concept of “adverse possession” is one of the oldest doctrines in property law. In simple terms, if a person is deemed to have adversely possessed someone else’s property for a long enough per…

Attorney Israel Piedra Featured in Nationally-Syndicated News Article

Israel F. PiedraAttorney Israel Piedra was recently quoted in a nationally-syndicated news article distributed by “Content Th…

Private Nuisance: Interference with One’s Property Rights in New Hampshire

Generally, property owners have a right to use their real estate in whatever manner they see fit.  However, when that use begins to interfere with another person’s property rights, a “nuisance” may…

More 2016 Updates to New Hampshire Real Estate Law

Real estate Lawyer - Purchase-Sale-Agreements-Nashua-house front yard spring flowers
New Purchase and Sale Disclosure Requirements Effective January 1, 2016, home buyers must be provided with an Arsenic Disclosure in their Purchase and Sale Agreements. This disclosure will take its…

Changes in New Hampshire Real Estate Law

stone colonnade
New Penalties Possible for Mortgage Lenders and a Clarification on the Taxation of Ground Leases Every year, the New Hampshire legislature makes numerous changes to state law. This is a brief roun…

Reviewing Purchase and Sale Agreements for Nashua Area Home Buyers

Real estate Lawyer - Purchase-Sale-Agreements-Nashua-house front yard spring flowers
Purchase and sale agreements are a necessary component of the home-buying experience. After weeks, months, or years of searching for the perfect home, it can be tempting to rush through the paperwo…

Attorney Jay Leonard Named to Nashua Court’s Steering Committee

Attorney Thomas J. Leonard has been named to the Hillsborough County South Drug Court steering committee. The Nashua court, which recently celebrated its first year of operation, is one of several …

Nashua area estate planning clients have questions about transferring the family home to a “Child Care Giver”

Nashua-NH-Home front yard view of home
In general, a transfer of the family home without consideration (i.e. a gift) within 5 years of an application for Medicaid will make the parent ineligible to receive Medicaid based nursing home ca…

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