Common Signs Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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A daycare should be a place where your young children can enjoy a safe, fun and social environment while you are at work or need to go away for an extended period. Parents depend on experienced and responsible daycare staff members to care for their children. Unfortunately, there are many cases that involve child abuse and neglect. If you believe that your daycare and its staff members may have been at fault regarding serious crimes such as a child abuse or neglect incident, do not hesitate to speak to a lawyer about the matter right away. Below are signs to be aware of regarding daycare child abuse and neglect.

Marks Or Bruises 

Unexplained marks on a child can indicate that they have gone through abuse or neglect. A child who may be a victim of abuse or neglect may show physical signs such as red or purple bruises, red marks or cuts on certain parts of their body such as arms, legs or the chest. They may be located in areas of the body that are often covered by clothing. If you believe that your child has an unexplained bruise or mark, you may be able to file a claim with the help of a lawyer.

Emotional Distress

A child who experiences a traumatic event such as physical, mental or sexual abuse may be in severe emotional distress. They may have difficulty regulating their emotions, so they may suffer from mood swings, prolonged sadness, and other types of psychological issues. Because they are still developing, children do not possess a strong ability to process their emotions, so they are more vulnerable to being in emotional distress.

Lack of Hygiene 

Child neglect can involve more subtle physical signs, as an experienced daycare crime victim lawyer can tell you about, like one from Deitch + Rogers. For example, a child who seems dirty when they are picked up from daycare may seem like a minor issue, but it may actually be indicative of a more serious situation. If a child’s diaper is not changed or if their face, hands or body is not wiped properly. Daycare staff members are responsible for making sure the children in their care are clean and well-kempt, so a noticeable lack of hygiene should be investigated further.

Sudden Illness 

Another common sign of child abuse or neglect is if the child suddenly becomes ill or is not being fed properly. They may become sick as a result of the lack of care that they receive while at daycare. The child may develop a serious illness due to malnourishment, dehydration, or other medical complication. Symptoms include lightheadedness, vomiting, fever, and weakness.

You may want to speak with a qualified lawyer who specializes in daycare crimes as soon as possible if you believe that your child has been abused or neglected. Arrange a consultation to connect with an experienced lawyer now. If you are interested in receiving legal counsel from a reputable lawyer who assisted many victims of daycare crimes, do not wait to contact a lawyer and arrange your consultation right away.

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