Mesothelioma: What Is It?

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It seems as though every other commercial on television is talking about mesothelioma, but what exactly is it? According to a mesothelioma lawyer from Brown Kiely, LLP, it is a tumor that normally occurs in the lungs, stomach, and heart — although it can appear in many other organs. It is named after the mesothelial lining in the lungs out of which the tumor forms. Unfortunately, the most common type of this tumor is cancerous and it slowly affects a person’s lungs and ability to breathe.

There are treatments that can be applied to these tumors — these can range from surgery all the way to chemotherapy depending on how far advanced the tumor is. The main symptom of mesothelioma is a cough with chest pain, often followed by shortness of breath. Other symptoms include weight loss, chest pain, fatigue, night sweats, bloating, and nausea. These symptoms are also common to many other diseases that afflict humans, so if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, you should see a doctor immediately.

Mesothelioma is a scary disease that may require the help of several doctors to overcome, control, or at least maintain. Those suffering with these tumors often need a team of oncologists, occupational doctors, and even pulmonologists to name a few medical specialty areas that need to be monitored.

While this illness has many causes, a big cause is due to exposure to asbestos, which was a common material used in the past in flooring, paints, ceiling coatings, insulation, roof shingles, siding, home appliances, and even clothing. These are just a few products that contain asbestos and is by no way a comprehensive list of everything it can be found in. Asbestos is also easily transferrable, so even if a person was not directly exposed to it, if they lived with someone else who was exposed to it, the asbestos particles could travel from person to person, causing cancer.

If you come into contact with asbestos, and develop mesothelioma, what then? You can hold the company responsible that used asbestos. This might look like product manufacturers who used it and deceived the public, or it could even be landlords that knowingly used cheaper materials which contained asbestos but did not warn their tenants. By holding these parties responsible, you can receive compensation to cover medical costs associated with mesothelioma. That can be a huge help to your family to afford your medical care, and if you have advanced stages of the disease this compensation can also be used to cover future funeral costs.

A knowledgeable attorney can schedule a consultation with you to review the facts of your case. They will be able to inform you whether or not you have a case, how long it might take to reach completion, and what sort of compensation you might expect to receive. A lawyer will fight for your rights and represent your case.  If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, contact a lawyer near you for help immediately on your case to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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