New Trust Court for Probate Division

Starting in January of 2014, the New Hampshire Circuit Court instituted a trust docket in the Probate Division.  The trust docket allows the court system to recognize complicated trust cases where there may be significant assets and which could result in extended litigation.  Over the last decade, there has been an effort to liberalize the state’s trust laws to make New Hampshire for trusts like Delaware has been for corporations.  New laws, such as the Trust Modernization Act in 2011, have resulted in a growing number of complicated trust cases in the probate court.

The goal is to improve the flow of the more complex trust cases.  Cases in the trust docket will be assigned to one judge who will manage the case from start to finish.  As a result, the Probate Division of the Circuit Court should be able to handle an increased number of complex cases.

If you have any questions about trust preparation, please contact our office.

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