Retirement and Planning for the Future in New Hampshire

Retirement-Planning-Welts-White-FontaineIt’s no secret that people all over as well as New Hampshire are living longer. While this is a good thing, a longer life also means planning for more years after retirement. Many seniors are choosing to (or need to) work after retirement. According to the AARP, 4 out of 10 people heading into retirement, plan on continuing to work. In fact, many people are busier than ever after they retire, whether it is traveling, taking classes, or volunteering. Longevity in life also means an expanded retirement where many seniors are remaining active and interested in keeping their lives busy and fulfilled.

What role will technologies play in retirement?

Technology will play a large role in our lives as we age. It may be easier to continue working by telecommuting and essentially bringing the office home to Nashua, New Hampshire or on the road with a tablet. Retirees may choose to take online classes to learn a new skill or expand skills needed to stay relevant in the workforce. Even services like Uber and Lyft have created a new job market for retirees looking to work on their own schedule and also enabling them to give rides to other seniors who continue to keep their independence despite a lack of public transportation in many areas of New Hampshire.

The way seniors travel is changing too. Instead of leaving the home, people may choose to stay in touch with family and friends via Skype and FaceTime. For those that do choose to explore the world, travel can be booked right through smartphones or tablets. Not only are retirees traveling, but they may choose to rent out their homes while they are away. Airbnb has reported that 10% of its hosts are over age 60 years old.

Protecting assets for the future

With all the years still to look forward to after retirement, it’s important to make sure you think ahead now to the future. Now is the time to consider protecting assets, deciding on your quality of life, and leaving your property to loved ones. The attorneys at Welts, White & Fontaine, P.C. can assist you with estate planning, including wills and trusts.

Author: Davi Peters

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