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workers' comp lawyerA Derry, NH workers’ compensation lawyer has seen the way that employers take advantage of employees when they need them the most. Workers’ compensation programs were established to protect both employers and employees, but somehow along the way companies have found ways to diminish the rights of workers. Many times, workers are too afraid of losing their job to speak up for themselves, even if they know they are in the right. Employers may purposefully reduce or deny a valid workers’ compensation claim as means to save money. At Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C., we do not believe this is fair and can intervene immediately to ensure you are getting the benefits you need at this time.

What Workers’ Compensation Does

Workers’ compensation are state-run programs that are designed to help people who have suffered from a workplace illness or injury. This means a worker has the right to pursue and receive benefits including coverage for lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, medical bills, and supplemental income for impairments or permanent injuries. Through these programs, an employee gets weekly indemnity benefits which are paid to partially replace the amount missing from your paychecks. By law, if you become disabled from working, you are entitled to a percentage payment from the insurance carrier depending on your gross average weekly wages. Typically, this average wage is calculated based on your last 26 weeks of earnings before the injury accident.

Factors That Can Risk Approval

Workers’ compensation programs were created to alleviate the tension between employer and employee in the event of a workplace accident injury or illness. But if a worker is found to have intentionally caused the accident in order to obtain benefits, they are likely to be denied. As a Derry workers’ compensation lawyer explains, other factors that can risk approval are if the employee was intoxicated at the time or had instigated an altercation with a coworker which led to the injury. A worker who was not on the job site or traveling for work when the injury happened is not likely to receive workers’ compensation benefits, as the claim will be dependent on the employee having been performing work-related duties when the injury occurred. Your lawyer can evaluate the accident and let you know if you should be receiving compensation under workers’ benefits.

Protection From A Lawyer

Employers have been known to diminish the value of a worker’s claim purposefully so that they can save more profit on their end. But as an injured worker, that isn’t something you should have to worry about. Your focus must be on your health. A Derry workers’ compensation lawyer has seen the methods and tactics employers use to fight against a fair injury claim. But if you have our team at Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C. on your side, you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. Your employer is bound by law to provide you with benefits so that you can recover or manage your workplace injury. If you need assistance with a worker’s compensation-related issue, please contact us as soon as you can.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Advocates for the Injured Workforce

In today’s fast-paced and industrialized world, workplaces can be fraught with hazards, leading to workplace injuries or illnesses. When workers suffer harm on the job, they often face physical, emotional, and financial challenges. In such situations, workers’ compensation lawyers from our office at Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C. play a crucial role in defending the rights and interests of injured employees. These specialized attorneys are well-versed in workers’ compensation laws and regulations, providing invaluable support and representation to the injured workforce.

What is a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Derry, NH is a legal professional who focuses on helping workers navigate the complex and often daunting process of claiming compensation benefits for work-related injuries or occupational illnesses. Their primary objective is to ensure that injured workers receive fair and adequate compensation for their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.

Expertise and Knowledge

There is no replacement for having the representation of an experienced and professional lawyer. Workers’ compensation laws vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. A seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer possesses extensive knowledge of these laws and stays updated with any amendments or new regulations. They are well-equipped to handle the intricacies of the legal system and are proficient in dealing with insurance companies and employers to secure the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Navigating the Claims Process

There’s a lot of complicated legal work involved in workers’ compensation claims. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a complex and time-consuming process. A workers’ compensation lawyer guides their clients through every step, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted within the stipulated deadlines. This ensures that the injured worker’s case is presented comprehensively, increasing the likelihood of a successful claim.

Advocacy and Negotiation

Insurance companies often strive to minimize their financial liabilities, leading to disputes or denials of legitimate claims. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Derry, NH act as fierce advocates for their clients, challenging any unjust denials and negotiating with insurance companies to secure fair settlements. If a dispute arises, these lawyers can represent their clients during administrative hearings or even court proceedings.

Medical Evidence and Expert Witnesses

Establishing a strong case often requires compelling medical evidence to demonstrate the extent of the injuries and their connection to the workplace. Workers’ compensation attorneys collaborate with medical professionals, gather medical records, and may even hire expert witnesses to provide testimony, bolstering their client’s case.

Rehabilitation and Future Care

Injuries sustained in the workplace can have long-term consequences, requiring ongoing medical treatment or rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation lawyers take into account the future care needs of their clients and fight for adequate compensation to cover these expenses. This ensures that the injured worker can focus on recovery and return to work if possible.

Workers’ Advocates

Let us do the work for you. Workers’ compensation lawyers are not only focused on individual cases but also play a role in advocating for workers’ rights at a broader level. They may participate in initiatives to strengthen workers’ compensation laws, lobby for improved workplace safety standards, and collaborate with labor unions to protect the rights of the working population.

Workers’ compensation lawyers are essential advocates for the injured workforce, providing invaluable support and representation to workers who have suffered injuries or illnesses on the job. Through their expertise, dedication, and legal acumen, they ensure that injured workers receive the compensation they deserve, enabling them to move forward with their lives and recover from their workplace challenges. As long as workplaces continue to carry inherent risks, the role of Derry, NH workers’ compensation lawyers from Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C. remains vital in safeguarding the well-being and livelihoods of employees across various industries.

Ensuring A Safety Net For America’s Workforce

If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation concerning workers’ compensation, it would be wise to contact a Derry, NH workers’ compensation lawyer clients can trust at Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C. In the complex tapestry of modern society, the threads of employment and economic stability are tightly woven. Every day, millions of Americans wake up and head to work, often taking for granted the safety nets that protect them in case of workplace accidents or injuries. Workers’ compensation, a vital pillar of our labor system, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of workers and the economic stability of their families.

A Historical Perspective

The roots of workers’ compensation can be traced back to ancient times when different civilizations developed rudimentary systems to compensate injured workers. However, it wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the modern workers’ compensation system began to take shape. During the Industrial Revolution, the surge in industrialization brought about unprecedented growth in factories and workplaces, along with a rise in workplace accidents and injuries.

In response to these challenges, the workers’ compensation system emerged as a groundbreaking solution. It aimed to provide injured workers with financial support, medical care, and vocational rehabilitation, all while shielding employers from costly and unpredictable lawsuits. The first state in the United States to pass a comprehensive workers’ compensation law was Wisconsin in 1911, setting a precedent that soon spread to other states.

The Foundation Of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is built upon several core principles:

  1. No-Fault System: Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that workers do not need to prove that their employer was negligent or at fault for their injury. In return, workers are generally prohibited from suing their employers for additional damages.
  2. Exclusive Remedy: Workers’ compensation is often considered the exclusive remedy for workplace injuries, meaning that injured employees generally cannot pursue other legal remedies against their employers. This protects employers from potentially devastating lawsuits.
  3. Compensation and Benefits: Injured workers are entitled to various forms of compensation and benefits, including medical treatment, wage replacement (usually a percentage of their regular earnings), and vocational rehabilitation if necessary. A Derry workers’ compensation lawyer can explain all the rights their clients are entitled to. 
  4. Coverage Requirements: Most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees. This ensures that workers have access to benefits when needed.
  5. Government Oversight: State governments typically regulate and oversee workers’ compensation programs, setting guidelines and standards for coverage, benefits, and dispute resolution.

Contemporary Relevance

Workers’ compensation remains a cornerstone of the American labor landscape, providing essential support to injured workers and their families. Its importance is underscored by several key factors:

  1. Protection for Workers: Workers’ compensation ensures that injured employees receive necessary medical care and financial support during their recovery. This reduces the burden of medical expenses and lost wages, helping workers get back on their feet.
  2. Preventing Litigation: The system’s no-fault and exclusive remedy principles help prevent lengthy and costly legal battles. This benefits both employers and employees by streamlining the process and reducing legal expenses.
  3. Promoting Workplace Safety: Knowing that they are financially responsible for workplace injuries, employers have a vested interest in maintaining safe working conditions. This incentivizes investments in safety measures and employee training.
  4. Economic Stability: Workers’ compensation provides a safety net for injured workers, ensuring they can meet their financial obligations and maintain their standard of living. This stability contributes to economic resilience and reduces the strain on social safety nets.
  5. Adaptation to Modern Work: As the nature of work evolves, workers’ compensation programs have adapted to cover a broader range of workers, including gig economy and remote workers. This ensures that the benefits of the system are accessible to a changing workforce.

Workers’ compensation is a vital component of the American labor landscape, offering protection and support to workers in the event of workplace injuries. Its historical development and continued relevance reflect society’s commitment to valuing the well-being of its workforce. By maintaining the principles of a no-fault system, exclusive remedy, and adequate benefits, workers’ compensation serves as a crucial safety net that promotes workplace safety, economic stability, and social welfare for all workers, today and into the future. To learn more about workers’ compensation, contact Welts, White, & Fontaine, P.C. to schedule a risk-free consultation with an experienced Derry workers’ compensation lawyer. 


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